Massage Therapy

The massage therapists at Adora Day Spa use traditional and revolutionary massage techniques to provide a relaxing and revitalizing experience. Treatments range from 25-80 minutes and can be customized with pure essential oils to create an even more pampering experience. You are welcome to undress to your level of comfort; your body is covered at all times during the treatment, except for those areas being massaged.

Adora Signature Relaxation Massage

Our Adora Signature Relaxation Massage combines specialized massage techniques to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension and pain, increase joint flexibility and mobility, and help clear lactic acid and other waste from the body. Your massage therapist will customize the technique to your individual needs. Ask about adding our customized aromatherapy blending or any of our Spa Body Treatments to enhance your massage experience.

Couples Massage*

Share the nurturing art of massage therapy with someone special! Relax side by side with a massage treatment customized to each persons individual needs.

*Available only at Adora Day Spa at The Plains

Swedish Massage

Our traditional Swedish massage technique gently eases muscle aches and tension helping to improve circulation and promote relaxation.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

This intensive therapeutic massage customized to your comfort level can combine trigger-point therapy and/or neuromuscular techniques to help relieve chronic tension and soreness.

80 Minute Intensive Therapy Massage

Not for the first timer, this intensive treatment is designed to alleviate chronic pain and muscle soreness throughout the body. Our massage therapists will customize their technique based on each client’s individual needs.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This deeply relaxing massage utilizes a gentle therapeutic pumping technique combined with detoxifying essential oils to help enhance lymphatic circulation.

Hot Stone Massage

This innovative massage technique incorporates heated stones that are used to provide deep heat therapy on tight muscles. Tension is dissolved as healing warmth penetrates the body through the stones.

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

This special massage technique focuses on alleviating mother’s tension and providing much needed relaxation. This massage is safe for the entire duration of pregnancy. Our massage therapists use a special Prego ® table that allows mother to comfortably lay on her stomach.

Massage Enhancements

Add any of our Spa Body Treatments to your massage to complete your rejuvenation experience.

Rest your Soles*

Hands and feet are undervalued and easily over looked in our busy world today. Why not give them a little extra attention with this powerfully relaxing add on to your massage experience? Your therapist will spend an additional 20 minutes affording attention to the places we neglect most.

*You may book this service alone as just a hand and foot massage or add it to any of our massage sessions. Please be sure to let us know which you prefer when booking this service so we can book additional time to your massage session if necessary.

Custom Blended Aromatherapy

Your therapist will recommend choices of aromatherapy enhancements customized to your specific needs that are designed to cleanse, calm, energize, or stimulate the body.

Salt Scrub

A light buff of the skin using special salts.

Enzymatic Sea Mud Pack

A rich mud wrap designed to exfoliate and purify.

Multivitamin Power Pack

A warm vitamin packed recovery masque designed to infuse skin with moisture.

Price List

Massage Therapy

25-Minute Session


50-Minute Session


80-Minute Intensive Therapy


Couples Massage

50-Minute Session


Massage Therapy Enhancements

Hot Stone


Custom Blended Aroma Therapy


Rest Your Soles (20 minutes)


NOTE: Products and services vary by location and service provider.

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